Response to John Rentoul – Who will say we’re better off out of Europe?

I read an article by John Rentoul in The Independent. With all due respect to him, he doesn’t know what he is talking about. Here is a refutation for his post.

The Constitutional Treaty (CT) did not become the Lisbon Treaty (TFEU). While core things were taken from the CT, such as a permanent chair of the Council, the TFEU is a totally different beast. It is virtually identical to the Nice Treaty, more so than the CT.

If you were an expert like myself you would tell the public that the ‘renegotiating terms with Europe’ is subterfuge like the nonsense of a ‘missing link’ in evolution. In the last 30 the EU Treaty has been renegotiated 7 times – only twice by Conservative Governments – the Single European Act and Maastricht Treaty (TEU); both considered the biggest transfer of powers by experts. The SEA created the ‘Internal Market’ for the EEC so it was easier to make laws that harmonise laws in each country, and the TEU turned the EEC into the EC and EU, which made it easy for the single European Union to happen under Brown with the TFEU.

The Lisbon Treaty (TFEU), in particular Title III means that there is no reason why any UK Government has to accept for the UK a law that everyone else in the EU wants – With enhanced co-operation they can go it along – as they did with the EU Patent, which France and Italy didn’t take part in.

So any anti-EU rhetoric from the EU Government is just that. They  can’t legitimately blame the EU for laws they secretly voted for in the Council of Ministers!

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