The misuse of The Big Issue by Opportunist Economic Migrants

There are a lot of anti-immigration stories in the Daily Mail, popularising the view of people on the right of the Conservative Party over the more progressive ones like Ken Clarke.

It is is my view that EU Law should change so that EU Citizens have their social aid entitlements paid by the Member State of which they are a national and not the one in which they reside.

I strongly feel that so long as I keep paying my Class 2 National Insurance that I should be able to move to Belgium and keep the support I need, such as Disability Living Allowance (or Personal Independent Payment as appropriate) and the Access to Work funding I have to give me a support worker to overcome my disabilities as well as subside ‘Bupa International’ so I can get the help I currently get from the NHSand Social Services.

If the UK Government think it is wrong that EU nationals claim benefits here, do they think it not wrong the Belgian authorities would have to pay for my welfare while I’m there? – Assuming I pass the same degrading assessments I have had to in the UK!

Let me give you a reason why the Immigration Minister, Damien Green, whom I perceive as biased and therefore who I perceive as unprofessional and therefore who I perceive as a bigot, might what to change the system.

I bought a copy of the Big Issue several minutes ago in Cardiff Queen Street. It was sold by someone called Alex (Seller number 254). On probing him with questions, he said he had moved to the UK from Hungary to live with a friend who worked in a hotel and to sell the Big Issue afterwards when his friend stopped supporting him. This resembled a recurring story in the Daily Mail which I felt discomforting to see in reality.

I am generally pro-economic immigration. In fact I am receiving advice from my local university to give a student from Uganda studying there work experience in journal paper writing, which will not only help him in his career, but me in mine also.

As a Master of Economic and Social Science, I share the more vernacularly presented concerns of the UK public that the opportunity costs of allowing people from elsewhere in the EU to sell the Big Issue, means there is a homeless person that is a UK National going without help.

As a Master of Laws in EU Law, the UK Government may wish to note that EU Directives are directed at Member States and their organs of the state and have direct effect on them, but there is nothing stopping the UK Government extending the provisions of a Directive to give UK businesses more rights and less red tape. The only considering is that if this falls within Article 34 (i.e. discriminates against other EU Nationals or Undertakings), that it is also covered by the ‘rule of reason’.

Such a provision could include making sure that the consumer interest is protected, so they have enough information about who they are buying Big Issues from or other services under the Services Directive, so that it supports their belief-system about who they want to buy from, which is protected by the Equality Act 2010 that implements and extends EU Directives on equality. This may mean the Big Issue will decide to only offer those persons for which there is a market demand to sell the Big Issue based on consumer preferences and supply and demand figures of the most successful sellers so that the scheme gets its maximum benefit for homeless people.


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