Llantrisant on the Web

Ex-Patriots of Llantrisant living in all parts of the world will soon be able to access news and sport from their old town if a University of Glamorgan student gets his way. For 21-year-old Jonathan Bishop, a freeman of Llantrisant who lives in Heol-y-Parc, Efail Isaf. Is building a website dedicated to the town and its history called llantrisant.com.
“It is in its early stages yet”, said Jonathan. “The project is part of my BSc Multimedia Studies degree. I am hoping to include all local news and sport as well as information dating back to the early 1700 so Freemen can trace their roots.”
But for now Jonathan is placing three simple research surveys on the site to find out exactly what the people of Llantrisant want. “There are three different tick box surveys,” said Jonathan. “From the feedback I get I will include the features that people want. As an incentive to get people to help me I will enter those who fill in the survey into a prize draw. “Building the website is a long process, but eventually I hope to establish the site as an important of the internet for Welsh people everywhere.”