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Local government has a responsibility to provide services

A view of Llantrisant from Cyberspace

Grants criticism misinformed

Cllr Delme Bowen was misguided when he attacked the Assembly Learning Grants as being pathetic offerings from the Welsh government (Poor share of education cake, May 16).

Over the past few years, the Students’ Union has worked in cooperation with the Education Minister to reach this substantial settlement for students in Wales, something that would have taken longer if the confrontational approach of Plaid Cymru had been adopted.

Perhaps Cllr Bowen should make his views of providing a free education clear to his nationalist colleagues at RCT Council who readily introduced charges for school buses even with strong opposition from parents and the Labour Group on the council.

Desirable Disengagement

It was unfounded for Chris McLaughlin to suggest that New Labour is out of touch with the electorate (Rules of Disengagement, Big Issue 304), especially when they delivered devolution to Wales.

The Assembly has made a big difference to young people, and listened to their concerns. On housing, landlords now have to register if they rent to multiple occupants and the poorest families now have grants to study at university.

Mr McLaughlin should realise that when powers over issues such as housing devolved to the regions, there will be desirable amount of disengagement government at Westminster as local politicians address local issues.

Development and Evaluation of an Adaptive Multimedia System

Using the Internet to make local music available to the South Wales community. Submitted as part of the award of BSc Multimedia Studies.

Download from: This Link
Cite as: Bishop, J. & Mannay, L. (2002). Development and Evaluation of an Adaptive Multimedia System. Unpublished dissertation.

Development and Evaluation of a Virtual Community

Document submitted for the award of BSc Multimedia Studies. Download from: This Link

Assembly Powers

Plaid Cymru confirmed my fears that they want to turn the Assembly into a mini Westminster on Friday, when Janet Davies AM admitted to the University of Glamorgan Business School that she would like to see Wales have independent status with full law-making powers.

Assembly Members are currently able to spend two days a week helping their constituents and carrying out work in their communities.

If Plaid Cymru got their way, this time would have to be spent debating Parliamentary Bills and European Directives. The Assembly has shown that it can be very effective at policy delivery. Senior citizens and disabled people now have free bus travel, and more than 43,000 people in Wales will benefit from the Assembly Learning Grants this autumn.

We elected the Assembly Government toimprove our communities and standard of living. It is not its job to waste hours of time debating law when our MPs are more than capable of acting on behalf of us in Parliament. It would be madness to make any constitutional changes to the Assembly at a time when it’s beginning to show its relevance to the people of Wales

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