Council could learn something

Jonathan believes that local authorities have a responsibility to ensure they consider the environment in policy making.

It was good to hear from Coun Delme Bowen that Creigiau may benefit from the Cardiff County Council recycling scheme (South Wales Echo, August 12).

However, for those across the border in Rhondda Cynon Taff, the grass is not as green as he would have us believe.

Plaid Cymru may have a ‘sustainable development policy’, but it is action on the ground that counts.

In RCT residents have to put up with blocked footpaths, dangerously broken pavements, and to make matters worse, the council now want to build over Pontypridd’s much-used Ysangharad War Memorial Park.

Coun Bowen is obviously aware of the ecological benefits of living in Cardiff. Perhaps he should pass on what he’s learned from a considerate Labour-led council to the destructive nationalist councillors in RCT.