Reality Cheques

Jonathan believes that isolating Britain from Europe is not a sensible policy

It was inaccurate for Coun Alan Speake to suggest that membership of the EU is diverting funds from the public (The Western Mail, August 30). Money from Europe is helping regenerate the poorest parts of Wales, giving people the opportunity to participate more in their community.

The University of Glamorgan, a huge beneficiary of European grants, is now in the top five of new universities and has increased the prospects of young people who would otherwise be left out of society.

Staying out of the euro is only limiting our prosperity and ability to compete in the global economy.

For the 1,000 dedicated workers who lost their jobs at ASW this is no myth, it is a reality that has hit home to Wales all too often.

How many more jobs are going to be lost before eurosceptic politicians realise that isolation is not an option?