Europe has benefited University

Jonathan believes that Julian Hodge is wrong and membership of the European Union has helped communities become inclusive and widen participation.

For Julian Hodge to attack the integrity of graduates of the University of Glamorgan shows utter contempt for the hardworking and enthusiastic students and lecturers at Wales’ fastest growing new university (Western Mail, November 7).

The Business School is one of the best in Wales and its computing division is now regarded as a centre of international excellence in research.

Funding from Europe is helping to turn Glamorgan into a world-class university. However, producing top-œuality graduates is only half the battle to creating a leading economy.

Staying out of the euro is forcing employers to cut back on staff and making it extremely difficult for graduates to enter the job market.

Why should the people of Wales have to put up with low job security, low pay and low prosperity?

The half-in, half-out policy is hitting the people who want to contribute to society, the people that are hardworking and committed.

How long will it take for eurosceptics like Julian Hodge realise that isolation from the euro is no longer an option?