Online councillor nominated for award

Community Councillor Jonathan Bishop nominated for the New Statesman New Media Awards 2004 for Elected Representative category. The Llantwit Fardre community councillor has been nominated for the 2004 New Media Awards in the category of elected representative. Coun Bishop of Heol-y-Parc, Efail Isaf who represents the Llantwit Fardre ward was nominated for the award, for his innovative use of the Internet to contact constituents and represent their views.

“I am really pleased to be nominated, ” said Coun Bishop. “I have made using technology to contact constituents a priority since becoming a councillor and I’m glad this has been recognised.”

The New Media Awards is an annual event hosted by The New Statesman, Britain’s leading political magazine. Since 1999, these awards have promoted projects that embrace new technology, fresh thinking and creative management in the UK. The key themes of this year’s awards are “innovation and efficiency”. They intend to award those who have really achieved something good for society. Councillor Bishop’s website, which features an online surgery and residents survey can be accessed by visiting

Assembly powersight for Wales

Jonathan believes the Assembly should deliver best value to the Welsh tax-payer. He feels politicians need to do all they can to ensure the Assembly runs as efficiently as possible for the benefit of people in Wales.

Peter Hain was right to point out that the Scottish model of devolution is not necessarily the right option for Wales (‘Our powers struggle’, The Western Mail, January 27).

Wales in a nation in its own right, with its own culture and aspirations and our model of devolution should not be seen as inferior.

The lack of primary legislative powers has made the Assembly a far more efficient and effective political body, capable of implementing the policies people want without being so eager to reach for the statute book. Innovative policies such as the concessionary bus pass scheme and the reintroduction of student grants all came without additional powers.

The Welsh Assembly Government has shown itself very competent in obtaining further secondary legislative powers that it is capable of using effectively and it is this dynamic model of devolution that is making Wales one of the most well governed countries in Europe.