A refereshing change

Jonathan believes that local governemnt should make information on the services it provides available to all residents.

Pauline Jarman says she cannot see the difference between the new Outlook bulletin and Rapidly Changing Times (Observer, December 16). The difference is that it does not have her face plastered all over it. It contains real news and real people.

As someone with a background in researching virtual communities, I was particularly interested to read about the plans of the council to make on-line community portals accessible from digital TV.

It is a concept that proved successful with the Llantrisant Online community I developed two years ago.

The council has also appointed a cabinet member with responsibility for e-government, further demonstrating the commitment of Labour to bringing council services into the 21st Century.

However, as not everyone in the borough has computers or digital TV, the Outlook bulletin provides them with essential information that they would otherwise not have access to.

Outlook is a refreshing change from Rapidly Changing Times, which seemed to be the unofficial arm of the Plaid Cymru propaganda machine.