Paths cleared

Efail Isaf residents had something to celebrate last week as footpaths were cleared for public access after a two-year campaign.
Local campaigner Jonathan Bishop said residents were happy now that they can walk freely in the countryside. “We have waited a long time to use our rights of way, and it’s good that the council finally did something.”
People can now walk on borough-controlled footpaths between Celyn Farm Drive and Nant Celyn Park.

EU Benefits

Jonathan believes the EU has little impact on the laws that the devolved bodies can make

Heather Montgomery was wrong to suggest that the ability of the Scottish and Welsh governments to make policy is being limited by Brussels (Letters, January 6).

The National Assembly has managed to deliver a number of significant policies without conflicting with EU law, including the Assembly Learning Grant, which is available to any EU citizen who has been resident in Wales for three years.

British workers in particular have benefited greatly from the UK’s membership of the EU, with them being granted many more rights than they otherwise would have had if the Westminster Government had the burden of having to go through the full legislative procedure to achieve alone the forms of social change that we are achieving much faster as a result of national governments co-operating at EU level.