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Article in Pontypridd & Llantrisant Observer about Bishop v Powell (2006)

Pontypridd & Llantrisant Observer's report on Bishop v Powell (2006) by Jonathan Bishop

Labour Assembly Panellist tells Politicians to think about Public Parks

A Labour Assembly Panellist who is seeking selection for the South Wales Central List is calling on the Assembly to do something about the neglected parks in the region.

Jonathan Bishop, an Observer columnist for Treforest, says that successive local authorities have neglected the park off Lawn Terrace in Treforest and the one at Nant Celyn in Efail Isaf.

It is wrong that these parks have been able to get into this state“, he said,”I often walk in Nant Celyn with my family and it is a disgrace that the pond has built up with weeds and the council has done nothing about it.” He continued, saying, “People in Treforest have been put off taking their children to the park off Lawn Terrace because of the state it has become and It is not good enough for the Assembly to allow the building of housing without giving councils enough money to provide parks and recreation facilities for local people.

After calling on people to sign a environment petition to be sent to the European Parliament, Mr Bishop is keen to show that the environment is a local as well as global issue and says he will put the environment at the heart of his campaign if he is successful in becoming an Assembly Candidate.

Judgement for Bishop v Powell (2006)

Judgement of Jonathan Bishop's case against Mike Powell by Jonathan Bishop

Court proves there was no deal between Plaid and Labour

Suggestions by a Liberal Democrat councillor that he had evidence of two Plaid and Labour figures making a deal were found to be unfounded by Pontypridd County Court.

Liberal Democrat councillor, Mike Powell was forced to admit to the Court that the photographs he had taken of former councillors Jonathan Bishop (Labour) and Colin Gregory (Plaid Cymru) were in fact not of them making a deal.

The court heard that on 2 July 2006 Cllr Powell took a photograph of Mr Bishop and Mr Gregory discussing Ynysangharad War Memorial Park at the Park and on 10 July 2006 Cllr Powell made investigations about publishing a photograph of two people at a park and that on 11 August 2006 he suggested that he had a photograph of Labour and Plaid politicians doing a deal.

Labour activist and Assembly candidate hopeful Jonathan Bishop said he was glad the case was over, “It was regrettable that the court had to be involved in this matter, but politicians and the public alike should not be subject to these sort of false assertions in a public forum such as an online community

Time and Tide Wait for no Man, But the Courts Do

You would think from rea115,,2006-10-10 19:44:27,Proceeds of Growth Rule Means a Cut in NHS Spending”

Family celebrates platinum wedding anniversary

While some in Labour circles may know this year as the 100th anniversary of the formation of the Parliamentary Labour Party and the 70th anniversary of David Lewis Davies and William Henry Mainwaring being re-elected as the Labour Members of Parliament for Pontypridd and Rhondda East respectively, one local Labour activist has been marking a special platinum anniversary of a remarkable couple with traditional socialist roots.

This week, Ceinwen and Edward Ted Bishop from Llwynypia, Rhondda, aged 88 and 93 respectively, received a telegram from The Queen congratulating them on their 70th wedding anniversary and grandson Jonathan Bishop, 26, of Cliff Terrace, Treforest, joined their other grandchildren in applauding them for their commitment to one another and their contributions to society. Ted is a remarkable man, said Jonathan, he worked at Ty Mawr colliery in the Rhondda Valleys, which he joined after the end of the Second World War and was there during its merger with Lewis Merthyr Colliery in 1958 before retiring in 1968 after a career in mining spanning five decades. Speaking of his Grandmother Ceinwen, Jonathan said that that she is an inspiration to political party activists everywhere, “Nan has never given up on her traditional socialist beliefs and even when canvassing she was willing to speak in Welsh to get her point across to doubting voters.”

Mike Powell’s defence against injunction

Mike Powell’s Defence against an injunction by Jonathan Bishop

Speaking Out

Pontypridd and Llantrisant are both communities noted for culture and trade.

Llantrisant is where in 1346 a town charter was granted to give those who traded in the town rights to trade freely with one another without paying tax.The Freemen of Llantrisant, as they are known – and of which I’m one – still celebrate Llantrisant’s history today with an annual meeting.

Pontypridd is noted for its twice-weekly market and, despite the town always being knocked, it is still regarded as the gateway town to the Rhondda and Cynon Valleys.

Less that 150 years ago marketplaces like Ponypridd and Llantrisant were seen as integral to people’s lives and many people would develop close relationships with folk they would meet there. Today, the market is probably not seen by so many people as the heart of the community. People network and trade in different ways. The Internet has radically changed how people trade and communicate with one another.

Since I developed the Circle of Friends as part of Llantrisant Online in 2001, there has been an explosion in social networking website, and people are not more likely to be communicating with friends and family via electronic means, such as e-mail and text message. And more and more people are shopping online and having goods delivered to their door rather than going into town to pick them up.

What will these changes mean for our community? Social networking on the Internet – despite misuse like inappropriate photos swapped by teenagers on Bebo as reported in the Observer – can help people to develop meaningful relationships with each other and hear opinions from different cultures and backgrounds, which can only strengthen communities.

While Llantrisant Online is now part of the Internet’s history, Pontypridd as a whole still has an online community in Can online communities lead to a new activism?

You could get shot for wearing that thing

Suffering from Asperger Syndrome, I find it very difficult to adapt to different
weather conditions. To cope with this, like many other people with the disorder, I
usually wear a light jacket all year round. Last year the blogosphere was alive with
rumour that Jean Charles de Menezes was in fact autistic because he was wearing
a heavy jacket in summer and the police shot him because they thought under his
jacket was a bomb.
This week I went to a community meeting in Treforest, and so I looked like
everyone else I took my jacket off.
What a mistake this was ‐ I had to leave the
meeting early to go to another meeting that would finish late and only realised
that I had forgot my jacket when

I went outside of the second meeting and it was
Thankfully a Treforest community councillor realised it was my jacket and kept it
for me and I picked it up the following day.

Notice of hearing against Mike Powell

Notice for the hearing of Bishop v Powell (2006) by Jonathan Bishop

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