Brighter writer

An innovative Pontypridd academic has contributed a chapter to a new book published by his peers.

Jonathan Bishop, aged 27, of Fothergill Street Treforest, a director of Abercynon’s IT-focussed social enterprise Glamorgan Blended Learning Ltd (GBL), has written about the subject for a book on psychology.

Entitled ‘The Mind, the Body, and the World’ and published by Imprint Academic, it has been hailed as a publication that challenges the dominant cognitivist approach to psychology.

William Clancy of the Florida Institute of Human and Machine Cognition speaking about the book’s authors said: “With uncompromising integrity, these scientists and philosophers portray the complex landscape of mental life that will guide 21st century cognitive science.”

Mr Bishop now plans to use his social enterprise to regenerate the subway in Treforest and continue his doctorate in Business Administration and Kingston University in London.

He said: “This book chapter fits into the theoretical basis I will use to conduct my research into how public organisations can bring about social change through e-learning.

“My research will find out whether co-operatives like GBL can improve the social cohesion between communities and discover the best practice for businesses seeking to bring about social change.”