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Effective communication and persuasion skills

Jonathan has demonstrated his effective communication and persuasion skills, motivating others to become involved in the company’s activities and inspiring people though his enthusiasm for e-learning as the means to bring about social change.

Highly deserving of the chance of furthering his ambitions

I have known Jonathan for in excess of two years since he enrolled as a part-time student on our LL.M. in European Union Law programme. I was the scheme leader for the programme and his tutor in individual modules. Jonathan obtained his masters degree and did very well obtaining a Pass with Merit overall and also obtained a number of Distinction grades in individual modules. In order to achieve results of this level, Jonathan demonstrated communication, research and analytical skills of a high order and therefore proven his capability to undertake a number of other roles.

Jonathan is very committed to his local community. I happen to have a professional involvement with the Citizens Advice Bureau and through this connection; I am aware that Jonathan is a committed Citizens Advice Bureau volunteer and has many creative ideas for developing their services.

Jonathan’s strong background in IT means that he is highly computer literate. This has been put to excellent use through Jonathan’s use of the new technologies such as blogging, etc. From conversations I have had with Jonathan, I realise that he has shown immense determination to have attained his achievements to date and is highly deserving of the chance of furthering his ambitions, as he has exceptional focus.

What is the price of democracy?

On Thursday’s Question Time the Tory Alun Duncan ruled out his support for the state funding of political parties, but is state funding a price worth paying for a level playing field in the political process?

It was this Labour Government that brought in the legislation to create the Electoral Commission and strengthen transparency in the political process, and even now the Tories refuse to make all their accounts available for public scrutiny.

With the current donation issues facing the Labour Party, is it time that political parties are funded by the state? Some have suggested that political parties be funded based on their proportion of the vote, though I would like to see parties funded by the state based on the number of members they have in addition to a contribution from trade unions for the members that are also members of trade unions where those trade unions approve.

At the moment to run a successful election campaign the amount of money needed prevents new and smaller parties of exerting their influence on the outcome of an election. Multimillionaire Lord Ashcroft is exerting a disproportionate influence on politics through currently bankrolling the Tory Party. State funding would prevent this shameful ‘maluse’ of private capital to gain personal influence.

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