Support the co-operative model for a more motivated workforce and efficient organisation

Matt Withers quotes a Tory report indicating that manufacturing jobs are being lost at a faster rate under Rhodri Morgan than under the Conservatives.

The Tories may be right that it is worth reporting when jobs are lost quicker under a government that is not a Conservative one, as job cuts and unemployment are known to be part of th

I received a letter from Lisa Rose from Treforest who represents the Public and Commercial Services Union. This is my response.

As someone who has studied economics at MSc level and has worked in the private sector as a union-affiliated worker for the last 9 years I have come to the conclusion that the private model of organizing the economy does not work. The whole premise of privatisation is that if you put power and wealth into the hands of the few they will be better motivated to ensure their company is efficient, which is better for productivity and economic growth. However, this is a failed model and why I am a co-operator. Employees of organisations will not work harder knowing they are lining the pockets of the few, they will worker harder knowing they will get some benefit from their work, be it capital for themselves and their family, personal development or the fact that they are contributing to a wider purpose, which benefits themselves and others.

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