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Arty action to unite community

A Shabby subway could be the first target of a group set up to transform a community.

Glamorgan Blended Learning aims to help regenerate Treforest, Pontypridd, and has set its sights on introducing public art into an underpass.

The Emotivate Project sought to and did improve a shabby subway in Treforest

Its Emotivate project is a partnership of local government, funding bodies and local business.

Community councillor Jonathan Bishop said: “We aim to transform Treforest from a village dogged by divisions into a community proactive in progress.”

EU breaks down barriers

I read with interest the column by Michael Came on the role of the European
Union in UK affairs (Observer, May 22). While I would not consider myself the
professional politician he wanted a response from, as my profession is IT and as a
Town Councillor I am unpaid, I feel obliged to respond to him as someone who
spent three years studying European Union Law.
Many people have this idea of Brussels bureaucrats making decisions that we have
no control over, but in fact while no law can come about without being proposed
by the European Commission, it is the Council consisting of Ministers from the
various governments across Europe, including our own, that shape the laws and
often our MEPs can throw out these laws using their veto in the European
The purpose of much EU Law is to level the playing field, so that businesses are
subject to the same rules in each EU country, meaning they can trade across the
EU under the same conditions as in their own country, which should mean there is
less bureaucracy.
I believe that people like Mr Came should stop seeing the EU as a simulacrum
called ‘Europe’ and see that he is part of the process of integration where people
will have few barriers to travelling, trading or living anywhere within the European

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