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Understanding and Facilitating the Development of Social Networks in Online Dating Communities: A Case Study and Model

Understanding and facilitating the development of social networks in online dating communities: A Case Study and Model

Jonathan Bishop


Online dating is a big business, allowing people from the comfort of their own home to view and read about potential mates all around the world. Different dating sites offer different services. However, it is not yet commonplace for websites dedicated to dating to use the social networking tools used by popular online communities, such as those that use the personal homepage and message board genres. The Ecological Cognition Framework (ECF) provides a theoretical model regarding online dating communities’ behavior and relationship development. A model based on the ECF is proposed and provides a basis for developing online dating services that effectively support relationship development. Two investigations are presented in this chapter, one that uses a case study approach to identify and describe online dating services from the perspective of a specific case and another that assess the effectiveness of existing online dating services based on the guidelines developed from the case study. The case study provides a useful insight into the nature of social networking from the perspective of a specific case, which led to guidelines for developing e-dating systems that when evaluated showed that the most popular social networking services also score well against the criteria proposed in those guidelines.

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Understanding and facilitating the development of social networks in online dating communities: A Case Stud… by Jonathan Bishop


Bishop, J. (2008) ‘Understanding and facilitating the development of social networks in online dating communities: A Case Study and Model’. In: C. Romm-Livermore & K. Setzekorn (eds.). Social Networking Communities and EDating Services: Concepts and Implications. IGI Global: New York. Available online at:

Liberals create conflict where Labour creates cooperation

I was disgusted to read in a newsletter from the second‐choice Liberal Democrat
candidate for Cilfynydd criticising the local primary school where the Labour
Candidate Barry Morgan is a respected governor.
It is quite clear that Mr Powell shares the nasty streak of his brother, criticising the
efforts of well‐intentioned people rather than working co‐operatively for the
benefit of the community.
Mr Powell should recognise that Cilfynydd Primary School has a lot of strengths
and inspectors found that in many areas the school’s good features outweigh any
shortcomings. Pupils at the school are benefiting from the Labour‐led Assembly’s
commitment to healthier living. The school promotes healthy lifestyles through a
school sports initiative and this has received parent’s backing where only fruit
snacks are permitted at breaktimes. This shows how much schools like Cilfynydd
can achieve when there is a team effort.
Electing another Liberal would be disastrous for Cilfynydd. They create conflict
where there should be co‐operation, problems where there should be partnership,
and animosity where there should be an alliance. Labour’s Barry Morgan is the
only candidate that can move Cilfynydd forward, acting as a safe pair of hands,
bringing consideration, attentiveness, and commitment to a ward in need of
change from the isolated, intolerant and indecisive clutches of the minority party

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