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Crime report to South Wales Police

On 10 July 2009 I made a report to South Wales Police about the cyberbullying regarding me on the Pontytown website. I told them that when I spoke to Dave Lewis the webmaster of Pontytown he said he would break my legs with a baseball bat. I also reported how John Bell posted to the website calling me “Cuckoo Land Jonny Bish.” This was South Wales Police’s response:

sspoken to mr bishop he will attend tgps on friday to didscuss the incident, i have viewd the website and there are no threats on teh site, it is a forum for any interested parities in the pontypridd area, this discuss any issues , mr Bishop is a local town councilor and there are many comments on the site in general about politics, including other comments from other councillors.

After me attending Talbot Green Police station PC 3520 M Perry recorded:

I have investigated the web site, as stated mr Bishop is a local counciler , he suffers from asbergers this forum dislikes his opion and there are many discussionson the site over his policys, he has returned with his own website commenting about persons on the ponty site , there are comments on the site which mountto possible civil defamation of character and possible breaches of the rct councilors code, i have adviced him to seek civil advice with a solicitor. I have spoke to pc whittle msu and taken advice in the matter. have spoken to mr bishop in length he aggress that there is no harresement and that the site is a debate on differrent concilors policy. He has been advised in relation to his own web site as he has been served with a solicitors letter from another councilor about comments he has made on his said. he agrees that this is a civil matter and at present no requirement for police action.

As can be seen from above PC 3520 M Perry believed it was a matter for the civil courts.


Councillor’s website means politics is just a click away

A Pontypridd town councillor is asking members of the public to sign up to his website to take part in an innovative discussion on the shape of British politics.
Councillor Jonathan Bishop, who is a town councillor for Treforest is hoping he will be a finalist in the forthcoming New Statesman New Media Awards if enough people sign-up.
His website asks people to consider a petition he has written on reforming Westminster an d then change it to one that they would prefer.
He said: “In the past politicians have asked the public to support them in a particular issue and this new feature makes that more democratic by allowing people to make their own suggestions.”
Coun Bishop hopes his website will become and example of good practice in online engagement with voters, and is already looking at ways of encouraging others to adopt it.
His petition can be viewed at and is easy to sign and change.

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