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The Role of Augmented E-Learning Systems for Enhancing Pro-Social Behaviour in Socially Impaired Individuals

The Role of Augmented E-Learning Systems for Enhancing Pro-Social Behaviour in Socially Impaired Individuals

Jonathan Bishop


E-learning systems generally rely on good visual and cognitive abilities, making them suitable for individuals with good levels of intelligence in these areas. A group of such individuals are those with non-systemising impairments (NSIs), such as people with autism spectrum conditions (ASCs). These individuals could benefit greatly from technology that allows them to use their abilities to overcome their impairments in social and emotional functioning in order to develop pro-social behaviours. Existing systems such as PARLE and MindReading are discussed, and a new one, the Visual Ontological Imitation System (VOIS), is proposed and discussed. This chapter details an investigation into the acceptability of these systems by those working in social work and advocacy. The study found that VOIS would be well received, although dependency on assistive technology and its impact on how others view NSIs still need to be addressed by society and its institutions.


Bishop, J. (2011). The Role of Augmented E-Learning Systems for Enhancing Pro-Social Behaviour in Socially Impaired Individuals. In Lau Bee Theng (Ed.) Assistive and Augmentive Communication for the Disabled: Intelligent Technologies for Communication, Learning and Teaching. New York: IGI Global.

Page Removed: Sex, lies and the Video Recordings Act

This page was removed at the request of South Wales Police on behalf of [Person G].

Towards the People’s Mail – Saying no to a big business big state monopoly

One of my economics tutors used to say that a public monopoly is better than a private monopoly – he would say that as someone who spent so little of his time in the private sector and so much time in the public sector.

The Tories are now considering selling of the Royal Mail’s distribution arm to the private sector, which would mean instead of having a public monopoly we would have a private monopoly.
I have a better solution.

Make Royal Mail a not-for-profit organization like Welsh Water, (e.g. ‘The People’s Mail’) which issues dividends to its customer based on service usage. And allow anyone with minimum qualifications to become a local collector and distributor, rather than giving the whole market to a large private firm.
We could reduce the need for the State to subsidise post offices by allowing any store that meets the criteria for a PayPoint to be allowed to use this to sell services usually offered by a Post Office. In this same way many of these stores offer a ‘Dry Cleaning Collection Service’, an independent private firm, maybe even a one-man-band made up of white van man could then collect it and take it the main sorting office of ‘The People’s Mail’. The People’s Mail would be under the same obligations as Royal Mail is today through being made to have universal service, expect rather than being done by a public or private monopoly it would be done by communities of entrepreneurs.

Can the Human Rights Act protect us from sex offenders?

The BBC reported on the ruling of the Supreme Court to give sex offenders new rights to have their details removed from the sex offenders register.

I think they are wrong.

Article 5 of the ECHR says that no one should be deprived of their liberty, except for ‘the lawful detention of persons for the prevention of the spreading of infectious diseases, of persons of unsound mind, alcoholics or drug addicts, or vagrants’ and ‘the lawful arrest or detention of a person effected for the purpose of bringing (them) before the competent legal authority of reasonable suspicion of having committed and offence or when it is reasonably considered necessary to prevent (them) committing an offence or fleeing after having done so’

The Government has grounds to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights, as I suggest above. In the meantime all the Government need to do is amend the Mental Capacity Act so that paedophiles and other sex offenders are considered to be of ‘unsound mind’ making them likely to by the commit another offence.

Parliament has sole sovereignty and can overrule the Supreme Court – this is just more anti-judicial spin by the Government!

Ideas for tax reform

There are many people in poverty today, not able to enjoy the lifestyle promised to them by proponents of capitalism and socialism. This is partly because the wealthy media barons give the poor pride in being working class so they don’t mind being suppressed by the upper and ruling classes. While people are still working class they will keep voting for parties that represent the working class, and while there are still people with more wealth than they need they will still vote for parties that promise to preserve their unnecessary wealth.

In whatever school we went to we were told about the Battle of Hastings 1066 in which the Normans carved up the indigenous Brits’ land among themselves. This wealth is now primarily in the hands of the 3,000 wealthiest estates in the country. If the European Convention on Human Rights had been in force then – this wouldn’t have been allowed to happen.

If I could stop the government, media and corporations suppressing people I would, and maybe I can by telling you this:
The Supreme Court has the power to introduce retrospective legislation. As the Human Rights Act is based on centuries old civil rights we once had, then maybe the Court could force every one of the 3,000 estates to give up the wealth they took from the people and which they haven’t yet given back, which can be used to provide free education and healthcare from cradle to birth for the next generation, who with their new skills and aspirations can forge a society in which power, wealth and opportunity is in the hands of the many and not the few as present?

The problem with the current tax system is that the rich are able to avoid paying it but the poor can’t. People are afraid to work hard and earn more because they don’t want or pay tax – my Freeman of Llantrisant ancestors didn’t want to either – what’s different about today? This is what I’d do:

1. Harmonise income tax to 20% for everyone for the UK Exchequer. We are not at war anymore; we are in the longest period of peace in Europe ever thanks to the European Union. So called ‘progressive’ income tax discourages hard work and social mobility. Also wealthy businessmen avoid it by paying their wives a salary so they don’t pay the higher rate of tax. I’d give the Welsh Assembly, Scottish Parliament, and Northern Ireland Assembly the ability to vary income tax to offset the effects of a single interest rate set by the central bank and to borrow money should the local macro-economy need adjusting.

2. Introduce a ‘surplus tax’ so that if people with excessive income from salary or dividends don’t spend or invest it in the economy by the end of the tax year then the Exchequer can take a proportion of it from them.

3. Scrap VAT and Council tax, which are regressive and negatively impact on the micro-economy. Introduce a progressive sales tax which means people who buy a £125,000 car pay more tax than someone who buys a £5,000 car. This would control wages, prices and inflation.

4. Keep corporation tax, but those firms who increase their turnover should pay less tax in order to encourage growth. Those for-profit firms who give to philanthropic not-for-profit firms such charities and co-operatives, receive tax breaks, and those not-for-profit firms whose turnover is increased from taking on the provision of public services or public procurement, should be given tax credits to encourage them to grow as a ‘people service’.

5. Tax on dividends is currently 10%, and business owners try to avoid income tax by paying themselves in dividends instead of wages. To stop this tax avoidance I would increase dividend tax to 20% (same as income tax) when it is paid to individuals, but cut it out completely when it is paid into ISAs or pensions. This would mean small business owners would pay themselves through PAYE to only pay 20% rather than the theoretical 40% they could pay in total with dividend tax and corporation tax.

6. Introduce a tax on share-dealing to discourage speculation and encourage more long-term investments.

7. Close the loophole where company directors can put huge amounts of money into pensions to avoid corporation and income tax. There should be a cap on how much money a company can put into employee/director’s pension. National Insurance should be replaced with a compulsory pension scheme which even those on benefits pay. People should have the choice over which provider to put it in, and should be easily able to change providers like they can with ISAs.

8. Not sure about the Barnett formula – maybe we could have a closer relationship with the EU than the UK Exchequer?

European Courts protect us from the Media, Government and Corporations

I read this article on the BBC, and then followed it up with all the misleading articles in the press.

The Judges at the European Court of Human Rights and the European Court of Justice are composed of the most experiences, senior and able judges from the countries that are signatories. The San Marino judge Antonella Mularoni  judge from a country of 30,000 will have less experiences that a Judge in our Supreme Court but why shouldn’t they be represented when the Court makes judgements affecting them?

I have Masters of Laws in European Union Law, which discussed the implications of the European Convention on Human Rights would have should the Constitutional Treaty have gone ahead and the EU become a signatory to the ECHR – We all know it didn’t, even though we were promised a chance to vote on it and were denied that opportunity which my father had when we went into the Common Market.

This LLM gives me an insight most journalists don’t have, and most of the public certainaly don’t have. But the public aren’t as stupid as the media and politicians think.

I want the public to know this: I like reading the Daily Mirror because it is always having a go at the Tories and I’m a member of the Labour Party so it makes me feel more secure even in troubling time. Those with fears about immigration read the Daily Mail, because it make them feel that at least someone is thinking about the concerns they have.

People who are Anti-Europe rad the Sun, because it means their beliefs are being confirmed. Scientists like me call this ‘confirmation bias’ – but I think it is needed so no matter what is happening in their live they feel the media are on their side – even we do it!

I ask people to read these two websites before making their minds up:

Wikipedia – Tell you all the background to the European Convention of Human Rights

The European Convention on Human Rights – Tells you all the rights you have now that you would lose if we opted-out of the ECHR.

If I could introduce one law using the ECHR as a legal base it would be Article 10 so that the media to print almost anything it wants providing they give the public links, like the ones I gave above, so that the public, who are reading the papers to learn rather than relax can make up their own minds. News papers would then act like a road sign at a cross roads, which gives you the chance to choose any direction you want.

No longer would the media and politicians be able to tell us half truths that are upsetting and confusing, rather than comforting and reassuring. We would have accress to the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Let me tell you some secrets most people in Europe don’t know, and the politicians, media and corporations don’t want you to know.

The ECHR was drafted by a Scottish lawyer based on the Common Law rights British people had centuries ago that Parliament took away by Statute.

Any decision of the ECHR can only be enforced in the UK if the Supreme Court issues ‘a declaration of incompatibility’, which means the Government is required by the Human Rights Act that they introduced to change the law.

As Parliament’s sovereignty over the UK Citizens is greater than any other body they are a member of in the world they don’t have to change it. By simply passing a resolution of both Houses we can leave the EU and ECHR, meaning Parliament can overrule the referendum the British people voted in in the 1970s to enter the Common Market to and the manifesto commitment made by Labour in 1997 to create the Human Rights Act, where there was a landslide to approve.
If we are to leave the EU and ECHR we should have a referendum, but consider the consequences:

When the Human Rights Act was passed in 1998 (which you can read for yourself here) you couldn’t go anywhere without out hearing someone saying ‘You can’t do that I have my human rights’. The Government didn’t consider the consequences of the public having more rights than they wanted them to have.
Read some of the judgments of the ECHR on this website:

Many of them haven’t resulted in Acts of Parliament to repeal unjust and tyrannical laws all Governments have introduced to take away or civil liberties. They only reason some want to get ride of the Human Rights Act and the European Communities Acts is so the government, media and corporations can do whatever they want without the Judges in our Supreme Court, the European Court of Human Rights and the European Court of Justice being able to anything when they try to supress our civil rights and freedoms – If Parliament can take away the jobs of my family and ancestors in the Rhondda Valleys once had, and the rights of my ancestors and I to self-govern ourselves as Freeman of Llantrisant then what elcse could they do if we don’t have the ECJ and ECHR to protect us?

Helping those with special educational needs over come bad spelling

When I was doing the Teaching in Schools and Colleges module at the Univeristy on my MSc in E-Learning I had the opportunity to observe children with Sepcial Educational Needs in both IT supported and traditional environments.

In this one lesson I saw a SEN pupil make a spelling mistake. It was underlined in red and they clicked the right button and selected the wrong word. The teacher, corrected their mistake – thinking they used the wrong word rather knowing what I knew that they actually selected the wrong word from the spelling check menu

Then the other day I installed Google Toolbar for a family member with dyslexia who was educated before the Conservative introduced the Education Act requiring statementing and before a backbench Labour MP brought forward the Special Educational Needs and Disability Act.

What I saw gave me a great idea which I would like someone to do research on to prove or refute my hypothesis.

The family member with dyslexia click the spell check button and things highlighted red and they selected the correct spelling and it went green.

My idea is to develop special software for people who have difficulties in spelling due to visual processing difficulties such dyslexia or chromosome issues such as Down Syndrome for example, to do this:

The spelling mistake is highlighted in red to suggest negative feedback. Using a ‘context aware agent’ the person with the spelling difficulties would by trial and error correct the spelling until they get the right one. The correct spelling would then be highlighted in green and a ‘ping’ sound would go off as positive reinforcement so they are more likely to remember the correct spelling. This is based on what education and learning authority Dr Genene Stubbs taught me on my CBL/E-learning modules on my HND, BSc(Hons), MSc degrees between 2000 and 2004 and an application of the education theory of language training authority Michel Thomas, who said people are more likely to learn from mistakes they make that rote learning.

To explain to you what I mean. If you install Google Toolbar in your browser if you don’t have it already:

Type some spelling mistakes into the status field on Facebook or other text box on any other site, then click the ‘Tick-A’ spell checking button and you will see their spelling mistakes go red. When you select the correct one from the right-click menu it goes green.

What I’m saying is that instead of allowing the right-click-menu to be used, the person will spelling difficulties changes it by trial and error until they get it right. It is then highlighted in green and makes a ping to make the SEN fell good and clever, so much so that it gives them so much confidence they think they can do anything.

I haven’t got time to develop this, but if other have got the time to do it, then I will make this idea open source providing my moral rights to be identified as the inventor are respected.

Another story about the implications of a Yes vote on March 3

It is 2111 AD, Wales is reaching a new state of terror not seen since Owain Glyndwr’s campaign of pillaging villages. The Welsh Assembly had until one year earlier been peacefully using its legislative powers granted a century earlier. During the last 100 years it had restored the rights of the Freemen of Llantrisant and reopened the coal mines.

But the politics of Wales had changed. There was widespread anger about the rise of the supermarket corporation Ashcroft’s Food Stores Plc and their domination of the local economies. A year earlier the Conservative and Liberal Democrat Government at Westminster had put a referendum to the people about withdrawing from the EU and the European Convention and there was a resounding ‘yes’ vote. Within months of a new election the BNP gained control of the Assembly, based on a manifesto commitment of ending the suppression of Welsh people, who by Ashcroft’s squeezing the profits of farmers and predatory pricing which after the anti-Europe referendums was made legal.

They introduced legislation, using the powers granted in 2011, which mandated that any employee of Ashcroft’s had to pay for healthcare and education. There was no way of escaping. They had already fortified Offa’s Dyke with a Hadrian-like wall and closed off all the ferries to keep the immigrants out.

Towards the end of the Assembly’s term deformities in children at birth were common due to the lack of diversification of DNA. The Ashcroft’s employees were starting to die out.

The new female President of Turkey, Georjena Blajer, which was now part of the EU, decried the human rights abuses in Wales as abhorrent and called on the First Minister, Nick ap Kirsty to give up their power and all their weapons arsenal. The Emperor of China, Ton Bu, where coal supplies were all but exhausted convinced the United Nations to pass a resolution calling on Wales to give up its arsenal of weapons else there would be serious consequence.

The UN weapons inspector Dai Kenry, a former exile from Wales was allowed to enter and found no evidence of any weapons. Even so, secret spies, travelling in a taxi claimed the taxi driver told them that the Assembly could launch weapons in 45 minutes. Other evidence showed that ap Kirsty had tried to source uranium from Iran, now a peaceful county with nuclear weapons that hadn’t been used since they first got them 25 years earlier due to the election of its first every President, Margaret Merkle convincing the UN Security Council that they were necessary to make the chance of a nuclear holocaust less likely, because of the educated women’s influence on their husbands explaining to them about the theories they learned at university called ‘The Prisoner Dilemma’ and ‘Mutually Assured Destruction’.

Ton Bu, elected only a few months earlier told his cabinet that they needed to secure the supplies of coal, but he thought he could convince the public to accept it if he convinced Georjena Blajer to end her mantra on human rights, as he knew that meant they would have to defend the ‘˜slippery slope’ argument about why they aren’t taking action in North Korbabwe.

Ton Bu phoned Georjena Blajer and told her that they needed to remove Nick ap Kirsty from power, by declaring war on Wales, but he would have to give up his human rights argument. ‘But our Attorney General says that if we use the human rights doctrine, then the war will be completely legal’, said Georjena Blajer. ‘That doesn’t matter’, said Ton Bu, ‘If we pretend that Wales actually does have weapons of mass destruction, then we’ll be able to remove ap Kirsty from power, and ensure the coal doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, what do you reckon?’ ‘But wouldn’t it be better to get a Second UN Resolution’ said Georjena Blajer. ‘I DON’T CARE ABOUT THE LAW BLAJER ‘“ I’M GOING IN WHETHER YOU’RE WITH ME OR WITHOUT ME!’ said Ton Bu. ‘Okay, okay’, said Georjena Blajer, ‘I’ll see what I can do’

Months later, Wales was in Chinese control, after a bloody war, which the rest of the international community decried. The first thing Ton Bu did was to re-introduce the death penalty, which was possible without the Human Rights Act. Within days ap Kirsty had been sentenced for war crimes, and the democratic processes that had served Wales well for over 100 years fell into disarray. Druids, were now regularly abused by the police, who were being trained by the Chinese armed forces, committed even worse than the suffering under ap Kirsty.

Meanwhile, the Llantrisant Government who maintained their rights to self-governance even during the ap Kirsty met do discussed how they could remove the First Minister imposed by the Chinese and Turkish rule, Ben Ali Gadtaffi. They came up with the idea of bringing into force ‘˜Operation Valley Boy’, which was set up by ap Kirsty to protect himself in the event of a coup.

Armed with only a longbow as  all the other weapons had been seized, but archery had been reintroduced as a mandatory sport on Sundays, they Councillor Protector of the Llantrisant Government, Rhodri Jones, took off to the Assembly to present one of its Bills to the Assembly.

The Senedd, once a beacon of what can be achieved in a democracy of consensus, resembled nothing like it did 100 years, no one would be able to see any of the proceedings in progress.

In searching for a possibility to launch he met a fairly educate and communicable woman, known as Maid Dafyddson. He asked her some details about herself. She said, ‘I used to be the Assembly Member for Pontypandy, things have surely changed around here, and not for the better’. ‘Why don’t you do something about it?’ ‘That would be a conflict of interest’, Maid Dafyddson said, ‘I can’t do that’. ‘But what about the Druids, surely we should do something for them?’, ‘They already have Stonehenge back in West Wales; we can’t do anything else for them, that would be doubling up on the benefits of the State they can enjoy’.

Knowing he wasn’t going to get anywhere, Rhodri Jones looked around for some way to get into the debating chamber where Ben Ali Gadtaffi had his war room. After gaining access to the chamber through bribing the guard, Neil Chaytor. He saw next to Gadtaffi someone called Cher Clickton, and was shocked and thought ‘How is she still here? I thought they had overthrown the previous rulers.’ After recovering it all became clear. He remembered reading in the Western Observer about her always taking the Assembly to court doing the human rights abused, always winning and getting big payouts. He also remembered reading about Clickton’s powers of seduction to gain control over any political leader’s mind in order to get what she wanted: Her chance of being leader. It then clicked, it was her that was responsible of all the human rights abuses of Nick ap Kirsty, and the influence over Ben Ali Gadtaffi to introduce the death penalty – the more cases he fought the more money she got and more credibility to get elected. ‘She has to be stopped’.

Gaining access to the chamber without being seen he went to position himself for the execution. Looking around him he could see only men, except Cher Clikton. The once beacon of gender equality had become a workingmen’s club, for the demagogues imposed on the people of Wales. Angered he prepared and launched his arrow at her. Straight through the heart, she died instantly. There was a sudden cheer of relief. Years of threats and blackmail were over. The assembled men lifted up their fingers in a V-sign and gestured it toward Clickton. Within months, Turkish and Chinese had rule had ended. Elections were held and the public elected their politicians. Sir Tom Jones, was appointed First Minister, and Baroness Morgan of Ely the Speaker. Within days the Dangerous Demagogues Act was passed which meant that Wales would never be subject to oppressive rule again. The Act contained the following paragraphs:

Politicians bred for bullying

(1)This section applies to-

(a)any politician of the type known as the pit bull roberts;

(b)any politician of the type known as the Trallwn tosa; and

(c)any politician of any type designated for the purposes of this section by an order of the First Minister, being a type appearing to him to be bred for bullying or to have the characteristics of a type bred for that purpose, or one which refuses to abide by the Nolan Principles.

(2)No person shall-

(a)breed, or breed from, a politician to which this section applies;

(b)sell or exchange such a politician or offer, advertise or expose such a politican for sale or exchange;

(c)make or offer to make a gift of such a politician or advertise or expose such a politican as a gift;

(d)allow such a politician of which he is the owner or of which he is for the time being in charge to be in a public place without being muzzled and kept on a lead; or

(e) abandon such a politician of which he is the owner or, being the owner or for the time being in charge of such a politician, allow it to stray.

(3) Any politician or other natural person not falling within section (1) shall be required when standing for election under the Misrepresentation of the People’s Act 2010 to provide the following information:

(a) disclose their most recent opinions on the answers to the Citizenship test set by the First Minister and make it available in a means that it can be easily accessed by the public.

(a) disclose whether they have any of the following protected characteristics: age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion and belief, sex, sexual orientation.

(4) If there is any politician who either does not fulfill the requirements of (3) or falls within (1), the First Minister, on application of 10 percent of the members of the public in that politician’s constituency shall call a by-election. That politician will have the right to stand in that election, provided that they have not reached the threshold of disqualification set by the standards committee of the National Assembly for Wales.

The next ten years transformed the democratic process in Wales. Only those with the honesty and integrity and willingness not to abuse their power were kept in office. The once deprived Rhondda Valleys were returned to their past glory. People were aspirational once again, as only the politicians who were willing to put their constituents before themselves and their party got elected and stayed in power.


Everyone voting on March 3 should read this

A way in which the public can make an informed decision about the merits of voting ‘yes’ or ‘no’, without taking the Yes or No campign’s word for it, then to read the arguments for and against on the Richards Commission website

There are lots of strong arguments against (Including one by me!) and lots of strong arguments in favour. If people were to read the opnions on the website then however they decide to vote it will based on the evidence not any miseleading claims by the Yes for Wales or Tsrue Wales campagins.

This is also this document on the Web which presents 250 of the most signficant things the Assembly did between 1999 and 2007.

I may be voting ‘yes’ instead of no now, but I still think it is wrong that the public and the no campaigns don’t have access to the resources to make an informed decisions. If they don’t have this information, then how would a ‘yes’ vote have any true credibility or legitimacy? If the public vote with their heads rather than just their hearts, then maybe my dream of ‘perfect information’ will be closer to happending.

Pigs don’t need to fly – we can stop politcians telling porkie pies

I have been given a diagnosis of autism. This means I am very clever, but at present can’t feel the way others can feel. I can still show that I care, but it’s a rational concern for others based on values about what is right and wrong that I learned from discrimination as a child, rather than one based on emotion.

I am also a Chartered Fellow of the British Computer, something I spent 10 years of my life working towards. I was even willing to give up a grant from the European union worth over £20,000 to be a Fellow of the BCS, so if my party asked to go against my beliefs and lie, like they tried to do Aneurin Bevan, who gave up his cabinet position because they tried to force him to vote against his belief in nationalisation, then I would resign like he did.

I think all politicians should have to say where stand on all the significant policies, fundamental to the country’s functioning that are in the UK Citizenship Test so they have less opportunity to say different things to different people, base on his knowledge of whether they are socialist, capitalist, liberal or conservative.

As the people of Treforest know I stood against John Bell at the last election. They knew I was autistic, but didn’t know That John was dyslexic.Had they known than the same understandable worries the ruling body of the Labour Party (the NEC) had about me would have been cancelled out. During this elected I was told shopkeeper in Treforest at the election that John Bell was telling people I had autism. I trust them to have told me the truth – why would they lie? Also, the Chair of RCT Lib Dems Karen Roberts, stirred things up by posting to the Pontytown forum saying ‘Is this Man (me) fit to be a town councillor’. I am honest, if I were to lie, I could be ‘impeached’ by the British Computer Society and possibly lose everything I’ve woeked for. So I would like the public to have access to ‘the whole truth and nothing but the truth’ about politicians. So if I got my way, John Bell would have had to have declared his dyslexia like I did my autism – Then we would have been on a level playing field.

Even if this happened and politicians were made to tell the truth, the media would still have the powers to tell lies about them and damage their character. David Cameron can’t make a speech without the Daily Mirror spreading mistruths about him. Ed Miliband can’t make a speech without the Daily Mail misrepresenting him. A similar thing happened to me recently – the press said I was a “nominated” councillor who hadn’t been elected by the public. This was a mistruth: I had been nominated by two prominent members of the community and then no one stood against me so I was elected unopposed. I see this as no less democratic than when Bill Clinton stood for the very senior position of Attorney General, which while making my position of a town councillor seem insignificant, the principle stills applies – My election to public office was no less legitimate that his.

So, in addition to making politicians provide more information to the public and think while there should be freedom of the press to say what they want, they should be made to give the public the chance to test whether what they are saying is correct. My mother reads her paper as a way to relax and escape from the real world. My father on the other hand watches the news on the TV to relax and unwind. But I, like many other people read and watch the news to see what is going on in the world, in search of the “truth”, which even if we don’t find it, it won’t stop us looking. So what I’d like is this:

Whenever the media reports on a speech by a politician (whether in Parliament or in public) they should have to provide an Internet address of where their readers can go to see the original, such as ‘Hansard’ or the Prime Minister’s website, or Leader of the Opposition’s for example

I would like the rules of the game of politics to change as I say about – so that people like me who are upfront and honest are not disadvantaged when contesting elections. Do you think if the public had known that within days of George Bush getting into office he was preparing for a war against Saddam Hussein they would have voted for him? I don’t’ and that’s why I want the public to have full access to information, so they can make an informed decision, like I am giving them the chance to do by putting everything I have said and done since 2002, including my weblog, letters to the press, press releases and news coverage on my website for all to see.

If I am being upfront and honest with the public, why shouldn’t other politicians have to. The media, through fairly holding these politicians to account by providing the public with full access to the information they need, then maybe politics will mean more genuine people like Gordon Brown and me will be in politics.

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