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Take matters out of RCT’s hands with a ‘free school’

Liberal Democrat councillor Jeanette Jones said the idea of closing sixth forms was “ridiculous” and it was Labour who “came up with the idea” (Observer, September 1).

What she doesn’t tell you is some of her colleagues in Edinburgh are resigning because of the Lib Dem/SNP city council’s school closure plans there. What is the difference?

She implies that she trusts that no parents and students “think it is a good idea” to close sixth-forms, yet offers no solution to the problem these closures were meant to solve. So can I ask Con Jones to say whether he letter was no more than weasel words or whether she actually believes in parental choice?

Can I ask whether she supports the “free school” concept?

Free schools are the most democratic form of education possible. So if the parents and students who use the Garth Olwg Community Campus want there to be a sixth form on that site, with a ‘free school‘ they could regardless of the policy of RCT Council.

Act over this sick site

As an internet researcher in the Centre for Research into Online Communities and E-Learning Systems in Swansea, I am pleased that Rod Minchin took the time to report on the disgusting behaviour of the individual who set up a Facebook page to mock the families of the miners who tragically died near my centre (Mail, September 19).

My grandfather betrothed me the Davy lamp from his retirement after working in mining for five decades in the Rhondda mines, with my ancestors having moved to Wales from Birmingham.

The Welsh psyche is still built around mining and the sick individual on Facebook does not realise the full consequences of their actions.

As is pointed out in the article, the police have the power to act. The Communication Act 2003 gives them powers to prosecute Snerts for the posting of offensive messages. It is such a difficult time for the families and friends of Phillip Hill, Charles Breslin, David Powell, and Garry Jenkins as it is, without this on top, so let us pray the police will use them.

The Fall and End of Man

Original Sin, as it is called, says that the Fall of Man was when Adam and Eve Betrayed God. Go said to them, ‘the day that eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil you shall surely die’.

He was not speaking to Adam and Eve as individuals, but as Man and Woman, who are our evolutionary ancestors as humans that split us off from primates.

Humans will never stop growing until they know as much as God. The Fall of Man was a mere trip over a stone on the garden path, and to think otherwise is to not see the wood for trees. It is human’s pursuit of the truth about a reality we can’t access that drives us, and will lead to the End of Man.

Money can’t grow an economy, but machines, goods and knowledge can. The servant will not become a master by wearing his master’s shoes and walking his master’s path, nor talking and feeling like him. Only by a constant revolution of developing knowledge, goods and machines that will make his master redundant will things become better for him and fellow humans, and lead to humans finding the cure for poverty and privilege.

Man has never stopped trying to know as much as God. He built the tower of Babylon, a co-operative enterprise, to be as tall as God, another fall of Man, but he kept his flag flying, knowing he is not a hopeless case, being lifted up to new horizons by humans, in the hope his dreams would one day come true.

Every thought a human has is an embodiment of the nakedness of Adam and Eve. It is only through science and technology that humans can ever know as much as God. The medicines that cure, the instruments that give precision, are human’s root to knowing all God knows. If other humans cannot see one’s knowledge, then there is no way humans as a collective can know as much as God.

Judgement Day shall not be any date on any imaginary calendar where Man will be lifted from his shadows, but the day that Man will be out of luck. He will have been over the world, and will move nowhere, as he will know so much that he destroys himself and his fellow human beings. All things will fall apart, Man will be brought down to the start, and humans will have to start again to lift Man out of the shadows.


My primary religious beliefs (premises)

Any question the Church and Politicians can’t answer today Scientists will be able to answer tomorrow.

Any advancement towards peace among individuals, families, communities and nations today, will have been envisaged by those Prophets and Disciples who wrote the Bible yesterday.

Those who make scientific theories that can’t be proven today are the Prophets who may be proven right tomorrow. For instance, the Charles Darwin is being proven right in many of the claims he made which couldn’t be refuted at the time. One who considers the Bible to have legitimacy should only do so in so far as science has not proved to to be false. Equally, any scientific texts should be considered true only in so far as they are falsifiable by other scientific texts or processes.

Everlasting life comes after death by being in the minds of the people of the future, whether in memes such as through literary works or in physical presence, such as via cryogenic restoration.

God exists in the minds of those who know of the concept, just as Robin Hood does. Science will one day be able to measure the existence of God. Until then Go should be assumed to refer to all the knowledge there is possible to be known that science does not know.

This list is not complete and may be extended.

Food and Freedom

God recognises the importance of food – those who lack food are not only physically impoverished, but mentally and cognitively also.

It is suggested in Nehemiah 8 that humans must choose the food they want, and this right is dependent on free will. It would be against the spirit of God’s law to deny people the right to make choices in any area in which they could grow as humans. Whether this is choosing the best options for their healthcare or their venue for learning, or anything else, it is only by making choices for themselves on the basis of their own knowledge that they avoid the clutches of the serpent that caused Adam and Eve to disobey God’s word and start the human evolutionary journey. To do otherwise would deny them the freewill gifted by God.

To recognise Adam, one should eat spare or other ribs on a Saturday in recognition of the birth of woman, from whom Christ was destined to be created. One should also feast on Tuesday for it is the start of the week and should be used for preparing for the remainder of the week.

The farmers of the past have given away to the scientists of today. It is science that will make the meek filled with good things. By developing Genetically Modified foods they will ensure that humans get the enjoyment of food in pursuit of everlasting life in Jesus’s kingdom on Earth, where in the future there will be no starvation and no death.


Privacy and God’s law

The privacy of children who do not know the consequence of their actions and those whom they may trust is sacrament. It was not until Adam and Eve started human’s evolutionary journey towards knowing as much as God through eating the forbidden fruit that they realised the consequences of their actions [Genesis 3:7]. This loss of innocence due to the deception of the serpent should not be repeated. Anyone who so denies a child of their innocence will need to ask for the forgiveness of Christ on the Day of Judgment.

Revelation says that on Judgment Day the forces of evil will be embodied in one man who shall go by the number of 666 [Revelation 13:18]. Therefore it is forbidden to number humans as if they were unsacred cows and by providing means to reveal their identity through the use of an identifying serial number in place of their real name, except on Judgment Day.

The privacy of public figures should be protected so as to protect those who worship them as idols against God’s law [Exodus 34:17], whom are not able to protect themselves from exploitation.

People should never forget that God is all seeing. Until the day that science has advanced to the stage that humans know as much as God then they shall use available scientific knowledge to ensure fellow humans know they are being watched over and protected.

Prosecution for parasites

It will disgust readers to know that a Facebook page was set up to mock the miners that tragically died in the Gleision Colliery. As a local researcher of online communities, based at the Institute of Life Sciences at Swansea University, I know all too well the capabilities of these sick characters who plague online worlds.

Called ‘Snerts’ (‘Snotty nosed egotistical rude twits’) these parasites of Internet bandwidth post grossly offensive, indecent, obscene and menacing messages that are intended to harm others.

The police have powers under the Communication Act 2003 to prosecute for the posting of such messages by Snerts and I’m sure everyone will share my view that they should face the highest penalty for such sick behaviour at such a difficult time for the families and friends of Philip Hill, Charles Breslin, David Powell, and Garry Jenkins.

Policy on United Kingdom Membership of the euro

I believe in principle that every country that is part of the European Union should be working towards full economic convergence while being independent politically and culturally unique whilst dependent on one another.

I would only support the UK joining the euro if the following applied:

1. The interest rate set by the Bank of England was the same as the European Central Bank for a sustained period;

2. The exchange rate between Sterling and the euro was stable for a sustained period before being locked to the euro; and

3. This exchange rate reflected over that sustained period convergence in goods prices and wages between the Eurozone and the UK.

I believe that if Wales had complete independence from the rest of the UK in terms of political and economic control then these criteria would be easier to meet as it would manage its own fiscal policy and its economy would not be driven by the South East of England, which since the 1980s has always grown at a different rate from the rest of the EU and indeed the UK.

Euro-membership could be sped up even with this criteria if the EU was to agree to wage subsidies so on membership to bring wages in line with goods prices, in order to avoid a repeat of what happened in Greece, which people like myself knew was going to happen before it did.

Prosecute snerts

The news that a Facebook page was set up to mock the miners who tragically died in the Gleision Colliery is disgusting (“‘Sick’ Facebook page probed”, September 19).

As someone who has researched and published on online communities for over a decade, I know all too well the sorts of characters that infest these virtual worlds.

These abusive parasites of internet bandwidth are called “Snerts” (“Snotty nosed egotistical rude twits”) and the offensive messages they post called “flames”.

Fortunately the powers created by the UK Government in 2003 under the Communications Act mean that a Snert who “sends by means of a public electronic communications network a message or other matter that is grossly offensive or of an indecent, obscene or menacing character” can be prosecuted.

One of the first times these powers were used in Wales was in August 2008 when Gavin Brent from Flintshire was charged by the police and found guilty of posting such a message about a police officer.

At such a tragic time for the families of Phillip Hill, Charles Breslin, David Powell and Garry Jenkins, such actions are more reprehensible, and the police authorities should take the necessary actions to bring the Snerts to justice.

Ownership of healthcare is not the same as provision

The Co-operative Party report on the unsettling situation of a social enterprise health provider being made to tender and losing out to a private healthcare provider.

The Con Dem Government are showing their immaturity on this. Ownership and control has little to do with management ability and competency. I have argued for years for windfarms to be owned by the communities they are in and the installation of the wind turbines to be done by the private sector who have greater expertise.

The problem here is that the co-op was not given the status of a public authority. Under the case Foster v British Gas any organisation that has state-like functions, such as powers granted by statute are a public authority.

So far for health co-ops and mutual having to tender to provide healthcare they should be competing for customers and the money from the state should travel through those customers not as a ‘service level agreement’.

Having a ‘tendering‘ basis for the provision of public services is not true competition in the New Labour sense of the word. In a proper market there would be no catchment areas, there would be no other forms of monopoly, such as the ‘exclusive distribution agreement‘ here which may be illegal if the public are forced to go to Virgin rather than another provider.

In a true public healthcare market there would be no money changing hands, like I have to do to pay for Bupa. In such a market, one would be able to say, ‘I want to see a consultant in Bristol’, as I did with Bupa, and then be able to get a referral from the GP, as I did with Bupa. But instead of having to pay, as I did with Bupa, the state would pick up the tab.

The New Labour Government should have seen this coming. After all, it was them who brought in the Consolidated Procurement Directive that is being misused in this case.

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